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Our Policies

We are a SwimMark Essentials swimming club, accredited by Swim England.   Our key documents and policies can be accessed below.

Club constitution:

Harpenden SC constitution


Harpenden SC – Technical Racesuit Policy

Harpenden SC – Long Term Illness or Injury Policy

Harpenden SC – Code of Conduct for Swimmers

Harpenden SC – Code of Conduct for Parents & Guardians

Harpenden SC – Code of Conduct for Coaches and Teachers

Harpenden SC – Code of Conduct for Committee Members, Officials and Volunteers


Harpenden Swimming Club is committed to a club environment in which all children and young people who take part in its swimming activities are able to have fun and participate in an environment that keeps them safe from harm.  As a Swim England affiliated club, the Club has adopted in full and adheres to the Swim England Wavepower 2020-23 child safeguarding policy and procedures for clubs.

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