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Our Coaches

The poolside aspect of Harpenden Swimming Club is run by a team of dedicated coaches. Many already have ASA/Swim England Coach or Teacher qualifications, whilst others are working towards them. We also have some parents and older swimmers who help out.

Head Coach – Tony Rogers
Assistant Coach – Abby Smith

Other Coaches

L2: Jon Smith, Doug Walmsley (Squad Lead for Seals)

L1: Kenny Murray, Debbie Cloake, Pernille Richards

Poolside Helpers

Larissa Cowley, Amelia Cloake, Robert Flaxbeard, Toby Martin

Our Committee

The club is managed by a committee of willing volunteers. Members of the committee can be contacted on the email addresses below.

The Executive

Chair : Hazell Hallam

Secretary : Kate Barker

Treasurer : Clare Alexander

The Committee Members

Head Coach : Tony Rogers

Open Meet Manager : Kelly Bailey

External Meet Entries : Lesley Dent

Officials Coordinator : Anna Cowley

Welfare Officer : Manisha Cook

Membership Secretary : Pernille Richards

Communications Officer : Nik Finan

Swim Mark Coordinator : Victoria Parrott

Fundraising & Sponsorship : [Vacancy]

Our Captains

Harpenden Swimming Club have Club Captains and Junior Captains. The captains are there to lead by example in training and at competition and to support and provide a friendly face to the other swimmers in the club.


Larissa Cowley & Ben Horridge


Eliana Ross Arévalo & Aaron Rawnsley

Previous Captains

Club Captains: Luci Stanley & James Atwell
Bethany Hopkins & James Hallam

Club Captains: Emma Craig & Ruel Shepperd.
Junior Captains: Paige Brewster & Millan Cook

Club Captains: Ella Murphy and Freddie Arbuthnott.
Junior Captains: Nina Shepperd and Toby Martin.

Club Captains: Aggie Burns and Freddie Arbuthnott.
Junior Captains: Frankie Irani and Jacob Verdier.

Club Captains: Aggie Burns and John Telensky.
Junior Captains: Hannah Brooke and James Atwell.

Club Captains: Juliet Merelie and John Telensky.
Junior Captains: Emma Craig and Luka Wilson.

Club Captains: Eleanor Lavender and Daniel Toy.
Junior Captains: Alice Richardson and George Williams.

Club Captains: Phoebe Salkeld and Daniel Toy.
Junior Captains: Larissa Dean and Ed Campfield.

Club Captains: Abby Smith and Hamish Wheen.
Junior Captains: Aggie Burns and Joe Richardson.

Club Captains: Izzy Thompson and Ed Cook.
Junior Captains: Katialin Dang and John Telensky.

Club Captains: Izzy Thompson and James Harper.
Junior Captains: Caitlin Hoddinott and Ben Galvin.

Club Captains: Georgie Smith and Morgan Pugh.
Junior Captains: Juliet Merelie and Daniel Campfield.

Club Captains: Georgie Smith and Morgan Pugh.
Junior Captains: Tania de Malglavie and Harry Hughes.

Club Captains: Connie Green and Eric Baker.
Junior Captains: Megan Campfield and Hamish Wheen.

Club Captains: Amy Thompson and Eric Baker.
Junior Captains: Abby Smith and JJ Dixon.

Officials Definition

​Timekeeper – this can be done as a stand-alone qualification or as part of the J1 qualification. From 2012 all timekeepers at Counties must be J1 qualified.

​J1 – Turn Judge –  learning to judge starts, turns, finishes, and relay takeovers.

​J2 – Stroke Judge – learning to judge the four strokes

​J2S – Starter – learning to start the races

Referee – the highest qualification. Overall authority over the rest of the officials.

For more information visit the Swim England Hertfordshire Officials site.

If you are interested in helping out please get in touch with the desk or email us here.

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