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Update from Counties – medals!

Herts Counties Interim Report from Annie

​With only one weekend of Counties left and most of our swimmers finishing competing, here is where we are so far:

​We had 22 swimmers with qualification or consideration times, plus a multitude of swimmers for the relay events. I think everyone has enjoyed their experience despite some long hours sitting on poolside waiting for their race(s).

​Medals are awarded for first, second and third places in each event in each age group. The age groups are 11,12,13,14,15,16,17 and 18 & over. I am really pleased with the number of medals that our swimmers have won, 16 and counting. Please note that the 18+ medals have not yet been released.

​Even better than the age group medals are the Junior Championship medals which are for the fastest swimmers in the Under 16 age groups. We have 5 medals in this category, a special mention to Toby M who has won them all.

The highest ranking medals are awarded to Championship swimmers, the fastest swimmers in the whole competition. In this class the swimmers have to swim the heats, and then if they are fast enough swim in the Championship final for the event. We have made a few finals, and won medals with Luci S and Emma C.

We also had a good showing in the relay events, and I am really proud of the senior swimmers who managed to make 2 of the finals, and made first reserve for 2 more. The girls relay team came 4th, narrowly missing out on the bronze medal.

The full list is below:

James H age 12: Silver 100m breast, 50m breast, Bronze 200 back
Toby M age 15: Silver 50m back, 100m free, Bronze 200m fly, 100IM, 200m free, 50m free, 200 IM
James A age 17: Silver 200m back, 100IM, Bronze 50m back, 100m back, 50m free, 100m free

Junior Championships:
Toby M : Bronze 200m fly, 50m back, 200m free, 50m free, 100m free

Luci S : Silver 200m fly
Emma C : Bronze 200m back

We look forward to more success this weekend.


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